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Lancôme is a French luxury perfume and cosmetics house that distributes products internationally. Lancôme is part of the L'Oréal Luxury Products division, which is its parent company and offers luxury skincare, fragrances, and makeup at higher-end prices.

Lancome delivery can take more than a month to be sent, there are no notifications, customer service is inefficient and nowhere to be found on any platform, according to a review by B D. at

"I placed an order on April 22, 2020, and I still haven't gotten my order - that's two months and totally unacceptable. Yet. What makes it even worst is the non-existent customer service. It is understandable that orders may be delayed but I have not received any order updates or emails from Lancome at all. I emailed them over two weeks ago to inquire about the order (6 weeks after the order was placed) and they never responded. I even contacted them on Facebook. No response. Do not order online!"


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Former Employee - Counter Manager says

"Long/weirdly early shifts. Lack of compensation and lack in commission in slow stores yet no change in pay structure to help. Lack of communication between Lancome and the retail affiliates where counter staff work. Lack of accountability for account coordinators and executives who function within stores."

Former Employee - Assistant Vice President says

"A huge majority of new hires are under 40. There is a reason only 50 % of current employees would recommend to a friend."

Former Employee - Counter Manager says

"Great products (skin care and mascara)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Snooty, two faced upper management and coordinators. It's all politics with this company."

Former Employee - Writer/Freelance Makeip Artist says

"In my opinion it was the worst professional working relationship I’ve ever had. These are my opinions and my own personal experience with the AE and company! Working with the account executive in Houston was a nightmare. If you’re a freelance artist or plan on becoming one, DO NOT DO IT with Lancome !!! You will not get paid one time. I spoke to several freelance artist while working shifts. All of the women I spoke with at counters and freelance artists agreed that the account executive does not pay on time. Hours are extremely limited she will give only certain people steady working hours. So my advice to you is DO NOT waist your time. Find a different brand to work with. Lancome Houston also pays the least out of some brands. Do not work with The AE for Houston, very unprofessional and will not pay you on time this isn’t based on just my experience but other freelance artists as well! Save yourself the headache, yes they may have hours, yes they may pay you decent( still not enough for industry standards) but save yourself from having to deal with the Houston AE! I had a nightmare of an experience with her and the brand in my opinion was a nightmare. She won’t visit certain stores and she doesn’t train certain stores and people especially when hired on before or after the training class."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- You don't get paid as much as account executives in other companies - Hardly any chance for advancement - Huge expectations, long hours, job is overly "glamourized" - Management has poor leadership skills - ZERO work life balance"

Current Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"Favoritism, low pay, strict, uniformed, "Manages counter like in the old days," department manager blames everyone but herself for her mistakes, to get a discount you need to use cash or check."

Current Employee - Lancome Counter Manager says

"brand manager has favoritism, company doesnt appreciate their employees. meet the goal but dont have commission or not even recognize the effort of the employees."

Current Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"There are way too many people in management involved with the counter. It can be confusing who to answer to. Underpaid and overworked. Gift is three times a year. Generally lasts about three weeks. The month before gift, you are on the phone all day every day for presell. When you're not in gift or preselling, you're booking for events. Don't expect any time off during gift or events. The answer to not making the day is get on the phone and cold call. Lastly, you are easily replaced. If you like shifting business from one day to another and like to be micromanaged, this will be perfect for you!"


"High turnovers. No leadership, no structure and no planning. A lot of important roles take on by interns without any training and direction. A lot of unrealistic expectations. Long hours."

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Does not demonstrate eye looks on shapes different shapes Does not offer any growth opportunities. They will make you stay where you are if you’re good"

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"The problem with Lancôme is the management is not fair, in Lancôme there is no allocation .. the only products they will give you as allocation is discontinued products or testers, you don't get to allocate things that you work with on a daily base such as foundation ,lipstick , concealer or eyebrow pencil, basic things that you work with. the commission is very very bad, it used to be so nice when we got 7% maximum commission and a month after making your target you would get your commission, now things have changed they give commission after two months and the commission structure have changed from 7% to 5% ...we hardly go for trainings and if we do, we don't get food ..we don't get motivation and support in terms of eventing ,like we used to do ...most of Lancôme BA's aren't happy at Lancôme anymore but they are scared to voice out their feelings - it has become the worst place to work for ever since there's new managementnice uniform if you get ituniform"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Zero communication with lancome or store management . Ridiculous, unproductive behavior at the counter. Never enough stock. No traffic stores . Lancome is becoming just as ghetto as everything else . Shameful all around .ZeroEverything"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"worst environment to work at for lancome. They will ask you to buy items to make your sale goal and treat you awfully if you don't meet numbers. The store manager was rude and cosmetics manager was as well. You don't get supported on the floor and other counters steal customers from you when you aren't there. Management does nothing about it but gets mad when you complain. Some employees are favored over others and can text on their phones all during their shifts.good pay, awesome representativesbad management, rude staff"

Counter Manager/Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Long Hours a lot of hand holding the client and convincing them to but your product. Micro managing."

Business Manager (Former Employee) says

"My day to day would vary greatly depending on customer footfall and whether not any visual merchandising/paperwork needed to be done. Management worked on an area basis so this made problems solving difficult. Best part of the job was the staff shop and discount"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Great people to work with, even fun. Never enough hours, too many petty rules such as no coffee or cell phones allowed at your station. Not very busy ever unless there’s a promo. Most customers shop elsewhere for cosmetics and skincare since the Bay lacks competitiveness in promos, discounts and points hence one of the reasons Sears closed, the Hudson Bay will be next I’m sure."

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Lancôme itself is very strict on what you can wear. The makeup that you would have to "buy" in order to make it look like you are wearing their product is over priced; since their parent company, L'oreal, makes the same exact product but for a cheaper cost. The outfits are a joke, almost as if you are a flight attendant, and the training that I have experienced did not teach you about contouring, highlights, proper colors with eyeshadow, only product knowledge. You needed to be there for a very long time to learn cut creases, ombre lips, proper countour, correct techniques for different eyeshapes, and something "new." Overall you are on your own when you first become a lancome employee. I would recommend to a friend in fear that she may be written up for wearing "colors that we do not have." Such as beautiful, pigmentative, pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, or sparkle colors. It is a very air tight company to work for. So if you are creative, imagitive with looks and color, or even have the slightest passion for trendy looks, lancome is not the company for you.ComissionOutfits, restrictions, and poor products"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Sell, sell sell! That's what it's all about... A lot of people watching and get great way to test out very nice products and make woman look beautiful!"

Chef cosméticienne (Current Employee) says

"À l'embauche je n'ai pas eu l'heure juste ...... Trop de travail pour une seule personne, quand il y avait 2 employées antérieurement. Pas toujours capable de prendre mon heure de repas qui n'est pas payer. Ambiance de travail "négatif " Le plus agréable: service direct avec les clients et clientes et les conseillerStationnement possible, avantages sociaux.Harcèlement verbal"

Beauty Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Unless you are a diehard for Lancome cosmetics and are very competitive when it comes to sales goals, then this would be the job for you. The full timer I worked with was fake and my counter manager was two faced. Unless you are willing to work with those kind of people and not mind it, then this job would be for you. The gratis is nice but recognition for your hard work goes product, commissionco-workers, sales goals, booking for events and getting pre sales"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"•Makeovers •Assuring great assistance to customers with any skin care inquiries •Cashiering"

Makeup Artist/Sales (Former Employee) says

"I took care of customers and managed few tasks at the same time with no team work support. I learned how to work under stress and handle conflicts. We worked under pressure from retail and vendors.the discountpoor management"

Esthéticienne (Former Employee) says

"Une expérience très enrichissante niveau professionnel Une formation sur des soins visage exceptionnelle Des produits à faire découvrir et à vendre uniques Une histoire de la marque passionnanteLa formationLe manque de confiance de la part de la direction"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The company Lancôme personally was not a bad company , I worked for Dillard and worked for Dillard's selling Lancôme . was not enough pay and was only going to be there temporarily and ended up staying there for 3 years .the gratis for lancome was awesomesells are very competitive"

Events Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Lancôme is a French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house that distributes products internationally. Lancôme is part of the L'Oreal Luxury Products division."

makeup artist sale advisor (certified) says

"typical day at work would be doing makeup and ringing up learned makeup application and kin care management was very strict and rude hardest part of the job was dealing with managers easiest part was selling most i enjoyed was doing makeup"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Working there was enjoyable. Learning the different ways peoples skin works and learning different way to enhance woman's beauty. The hardest part about working there was the days it was slow."

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"If youre looking to improve yourself as a makeup artist, Lancome is a great way to familiarize yourself with luxury skincare and cosmetics. But while it helps build your skills as a advisor for clients, it doesn't challenge you artistically. Majority of the time, makeovers are rare and you lose the opportunity to build your knowledge on successfully applying the makeup to a client. But if one is comfortable just being a adviser and not a makeup artist, then this company is a great place to be.experiencehigh goals"

Designer Fragrance & Cosmetic Company (Former Employee) says

"The company is overall a good place to work.The hardest part of the job was predicting buisness, the last two years had become very slow and disappointing.Not sure if it was due to the changes in the way corporate started handling sales and overall dealing with the selling end.benifits were goodthe manager at my store"

cara prokocki says

"Lancome, doesn't deserve one star. On January 1, 2021 I ordered multiple items off of Lancome's official website, for the first time. I received a email stating my package was delivered on January 8, 2021 at 3pm. On that day, I received 4 other packages from various companies, all my packages were on my porch with the exception of my Lancome package. I was home and went out to my porch right away. Needless to say, Lancome's customer service rep was terrible. They do not refund or send out new items if UPS states they delivered. This is the most absurd policy I have ever heard of. I have the tracking information from UPS. Does Lancome, really think UPS is going to tell them we lied to you and the customer, we didn't really deliver the package (That is against the law). Lancome makes a lot money everyday and they don't protect or respect their customers, that is the definition of greed! Please, do not order off of their website unless you want to donate your money to a wealthy company."

Eralba Hysi says

"Not professional at all. I booked a consultant with Lancome Canada through an website called Eventbrite. The day of the consultation come, and I had to wait for their National Makeup Artist to show up, which she never did. I contacted her and the feedback was :I saw that you didnt have a Canadian number that's why I didn't call you. 1. First of all she has to inform me in advance, if something was wrong with my booking and not letting me wait for her, and the worst of all I didn't receive any apologize. 2. This wasn't specify on the event ticket 3. A WhatsApp number never shows where do you leave. Since when do you need a Canadian phone number, to be called on WhatsApp within Canada? If I was planning to be their customers..after this experience NEVER AGAIN. They have to train their stuff of how to be and behave professional."

Vanessa says

"I completely agree that their customer service and return policy is crap. You need to pay for your own return when they made an error on the order. The customer service reps are not helpful."

Shan M says

"I don’t understand how Lancôme can run a scam shop like this. It’s like it’s managed out of someone’s garage. How are they not humiliated? Antagonist to Non existent customer service, my order status became one of the 7 wonders of the world-after 25 days I finally got it only to see that what I got expires next month. No responses to my emails. They must’ve been trying to save money and contracted out their online business to the DMV or something. Complete crap. How have they not been condemned? Never again."

Cathy V says

"Their online order practices and customer service may well qualify as THE WORST IN THE WORLD. Two years ago, I made a very large order in order to qualify for a free travel gift, which they never sent me. 3 contacts to customer service, not even graced with an answer. two years later, I finally get over it enough to try again, screwed again! "Your order for xxx has been cancelled as out of stock". That product was the sole reason why I decided to give them another try, and according to their website now, it is in stock. (order arrived early this week). FILL MY ORDER AT THE SALE PRICE!. They also did not send their "free gift" because without that product, my order total no longer qualifies. I will never, ever order from them again nor use their products."

Annie says

"I’m shocked at how awful the customer service is for such a reputable brand. Seriously going to find a new foundation bc of my awful experience. From not receiving my package to having the incorrect color to no help returning. No apologies, no one cares. It’s insane. Save your money and use it on a brand that cares, there are too many options out there to spend your hard earned money here."

frustratedcustomer says

"Lancome obviously doesn't have a clue on how to do e-commerce - orders placed during promotion got cancelled almost randomly, agents have zero authority to edit the order, and very bad return/refund experience. I love their products but I've been fed up by their issues already. I'm sure I will avoid using their website as much as possible from now on and consider possibly switch to other brands. What a joke."

Kevin Hu says

"Called multiple times to return order, and no one answered. When they did answer the customer service representatives were talking to each other instead of me. They said they can’t cancel an order until it arrives so i call them again and they told me I had to pay for shipping as well."

Lana says

"I wish i can put zero stars, i will never buy anything from Lancome, horrible service, free shipping? You charge me twice, i didn't receive the perfume and they didn't told me that perfume is not in stock...and when i will receive it. I cant cancel my order, i need to wait to receive it and send back,and wait for refund....."

Janet says

"Something is going wrong with Lancome in Mississippi. It is not Covid that caused these problems. I ordered almost $400.00 of products in October and didn't receive the gwp. I chatted with 2 agents and didn't get any assistance. The agents are not informed about the products or gwp's at all. I think they ran out of the gwp and just didn't bother to offer a substitute. Also the shipment took over one month to arrive. I think that Lancome is having some serious staffing problems because the company doesn't seem to have knowledgeable agents nor do they have people who can produce order fulfillment correctly and in a timely manner. I have ordered from other companies and shipments are fast and properly fulfilled these days. That's why I can't say that Covid is Lancome's problem because there are too many other companies doing things exceptionally well now. This is bad business Lancome!"

Mary Um Mustafa says

"They asked me to send back their night cream that didn’t suit my skin. I have sent it back but now I can’t get a hold of them. They won’t reply to my emails nor have they given me a refund!! Why must you make returns and contacting customer service so difficult. I wish I could give them minus trillion stars!!"

Ella Brown says

"A prestige brand! What a joke! The website is appalling and their marketing, customer service etc. is the worst that I have experienced for a long time. Staffed by employees that really couldn't give a damn about customer service, the brand or the company's reputation. Please don't be taken in by any of their email marketing scams. They offer the chance to buy one get one free and then mysteriously their website doesn't function for the 24 hours of the offer. They promote AMEX as a payment option but then there's no option to use AMEX on the website! When you speak to Customer Service they just blame I.T. issues with the website but EVERY time there's an offer or promotion. Then, if by some sheer fluke you get an order through, you don't receive a confirmation of the order, even though they have your card details and have taken you through the full payment process. When you call to check, Customer Service confirm that no such order was placed, they have no record of any transactions or orders and guess what, oops! the offer was only for 24 hours and there's nothing they can do to help you! LANCOME offers are scams. Don't go there and don't bother with the brand!"

Melissa says

"I placed an order in May of 2020 as a birthday gift for my mother, for an amount close to $300. When I found out shipping was slower than usual & the gift wouldn't arrive in time, I simply canceled the order online. They shipped it out anyways, ignoring the cancellation. When I tried to contact them to return the items, I could not reach them by email or online. The one email I did receive 2 months later in July told me to return the unopened items at my expense, which I did. I sent it via UPS with tracking & they received it in August. Still no refund. I finally was able to chat with a representative in September. She verified they received my returned items and assured me the refund would be credited within about a week. Still no refund. In October, I actually reached someone by phone & explained the situation. She also verified that they had received the return back in August. She mentioned that I had done all that was needed & should get my money back. I asked if there was someone, like a supervisor, I should follow up with about getting the refund credited, but she said no. She couldn't understand why the company hadn't refunded my money yet, when I had done all that was required. Weeks after this conversation, I am still waiting to receive the refund that is owed me. In all of my years of shopping and interactions with retailers & customer service, I have never seen such utter disregard for its customers as I have experienced with Lancome. The way they were so difficult to get in contact with, having to wait months just to speak to someone, being told that it would be resolved & then it never was, and withholding money that should be refunded as their products were received, makes me never wish to buy from them again! There are other products available from other companies that will save me the headache that this transaction has caused me. It is almost November, and still no refund. I understand that things can back up or be slow, but I have been patient & courteous in my communication with this company. I would have been satisfied if they just gave me a refund. When will Lancome step up and do the right thing? I have given up hope."

LIV says

"I usually only leave a review if its something good (I feel good reviews are not as common so I think its important to leave them!)... SO that being said this is my first negative review...ever. Oh boy it has taken ALOT to get me to this point. This company is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The customer service is horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been over 30 days and I still have not received my order, I have called 5 times with nothing resolved (I get hung up on, a supervisor has never called me back) I have used their chat services maybe 6 times and zero answers. (They just keep transferring me from person to person) I finally called my CC company and had them remove the charge, now lets hope Lancome agrees to it because I never got the order. I also find it funny how their "email conversation" button is broken so I cant keep anything on record. Save yourself and buy it from another trusted source."

Diana Simion says

"I was so so disappointed today. Even tho I visit this store quite often. Coudnt belive what just happened 🤣🤣 Why always ppl on Lancome should be so rude with the customers when at the end of the day they getting paid for what they are doing and beside, not my problem they are even useless too. If u not happy with your job, just get out!! They are so many nice ppl there and helpful, but never in Lancome. Shame really cos is one of my favourite brand. Went today, after waiting so long in queue, to refill my idole perfume bottle and to get new foundation. Of course after waiting for couple of minutes, she tries to figure it out how the box works, no luck. Asking another colleague to help her, another couple of minutes, no luck either. Nobody is leven ooking at me, wondering if I can go or not as they are busy trying to discover the hot water now. I felt like I'm bothering them on Saturday and they don't wanna be there but to deal with customers 🤨 At some point, one of them looking at me saying maybe u have some other shopping to do in store, I guess the box is empty, I need to bring another one from downstairs. Very rude and annoying face like I bothered her. Nevermind I told her, I'll be back. As I wanted my bottle. As soon as I finished my shopping dealing with some other helpful and very nice ppl on store , went back, they still there trying to figure this out, looking at me like OMG U CAME AGAIN, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO what do you want . I was in shock I felt offended by the dirty look and the most annoying faces I've ever seen till now. She told me I think is smth wrong with the machine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If u want u can buy another bottle is 10%off today. For real sherlock??? 😂😂😂 I want to refill the bottle not to buy new one you clueless and uselles Coudnt belive my eyes I mean are u serious? How clueless can u be to get a job at Lancome????? Not everyone has skills for jobs like this, so don't do it. Simple as. Very poor service and very rude I'm very disappointed I left empty handed she even asked me if I still want the foundation omg can't belive"

Marc Galvin says

"I would also give zero stars if I could. I wish I read the previous reviews, I never would have ordered from them. Placed an order & called Lancome a few hours later since the freebies didn't show on order. She said she could have her supervisor cancel the order since she couldn't add the freebies. So I reordered the product to get the freebies thinking the 1st order was canceled. I didn't call again since my order history showed the product was out of stock. A week later I get 2 emails showing both orders shipped. Called again, this person said she would have 1 order cancelled, takes a few days, said other girl didn't do it. Call a few days later and get told order couldn't be cancelled since it already shipped. She said I could send back but I would have to pay for shipping, which I am not going to do.Asked to speak to a supervisor, but said can't due to covid 19 they are all working from home. Like the product, but I will switch brands going forward. Horrible horrible customer service. Do not buy direct from Lancome."

ionut says

"Paid £97 for 100ml parfum with my girlfriend’s date of birth engraving and they engraved “d.i.c.k” shame loreal lancome."

Angel Octavio Carrillo says

"Please read all the reviews before placing an order.... one of the worst customer service ever... I paid 20.00 extra for next day delivery, 3 day later after 20 min waiting on line the representative told me that it would take at least 2 days for processing and from there they will ship the item hoping the customer get the item on time. I tried to cancel the order and I was told to contact ups once i receive the tracking number so they can return the order... Why should I contact Ups when I purchased the product from lancome? Then again please read the reviews before you buy from"

Amy Schofield says

"I have used Lancome products for many years but have always bought through department stores not directly from the Lancome website. With the COVID situation and online offer of 10% off and two free samples, I decided to order from their website - never again! The two free samples came but not the eye cream I paid for! The order form makes it look like the eye cream was in the package when it was not. I have emailed and called customer services with no luck, cannot even get through on the phone. Still waiting to receive my original eye cream order after 10 days... be very careful." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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